Tuesday, September 20, 2016

First Day of School

The kids started their first day at their new school at the beginning of September. 

They went 5 days, and then they had 9 days off for the sacrifice holiday. 

They went back Sunday.

I took this picture standing at the office, looking out into the courtyard.  The street is just beyond the three tiny figures (guards) you see in the far back, if you look through the red tents.

It's a very small school.

That is the entire playground!!

All the rooms on the left are high school
(5 classes total: 1 Freshman, 1 Sophomore, 1 Junior, 2 Seniors)

All the rooms on the right are elementary.

Below are Karis and Caleb's schedule.  They are in the 5th and 7th grades.  The only thing I blurred out was the national language, and they both have that on "B" days.

Quite the shocker for Karis was to walk in class on the first day of school and have Arabic.

The teacher knows no English, but Karis said she understood one Arabic word : notebook (it's the same word in the language we are learning)

She knew she was supposed to take out her notebook, but beyond that, she just sat in a complete daze.

I don't blame her!

I don't know if you noticed, but there is no P.E. for these grades; however, for the high school, "Sports" is required.

I would think if there was any grade I would want to have mandatory "energy release," it would be Middle School, but what do I know.

 Below, is Kyile's "A" day schedule.  No electives!  And she has no choice as to what she takes...all freshmen take the same classes.

She had Algebra I last year, and she is having to repeat it this year instead of going on to Geometry :(

Again, I've blurred out the local language.  Kylie will start taking Arabic next term.

Yes, we were THOSE parents who went to school the second day to talk to the principal.

Poor Caleb almost missed his entire lunch period the first day of school because it was taking him so long to copy the Arabic alphabet and write everything off the board.  We just wanted to ask the principal what the expectations were for our kids in these language classes.

She was very kind and understanding.  She knows it's a shock, but unfortunately, those two languages are mandated by the government, and they HAVE to be taught.

Thankfully, our language helper has been able to help the kids a little when he comes over in the evenings. 

It will all work out in the end.

So proud of these three and the adventures they are taking on.

Not to leave anybody out.

Keira started pre-school (and potty training) with her momma on the very same day.

What's better than doing math naked outside in the warm sun?

Don't answer that!!! :)

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