Thursday, September 22, 2016

Every Good Party Starts with Chocolate

You can tell when something big is about to happen because people usually start to prepare for it.

Think about the "preparation" for Christmas that starts in November.

Think of all the charcoal, fireworks, burgers, and chips that get purchased before the 4th of July.

The same thing happens here.

Kylie gets out her shiny shoes.

The mall hangs hundreds of balloons.

This is a bad picture, but I was trying to show you the truck in front of us is full of sheep headed to slaughter.  (see the wool in the sun?)

People all over town, washed their carpets and hung them out to dry.

This was the second day of carpets hung over our wall.  Our neighbors used our wall, knowing we wouldn't be doing any "preparations."

And don't pay any attention to our broken air conditioner on the porch, please.

My neighbor also told me that she and her husband were fasting nine days before the holiday.

So, what was my family doing to prepare?

Buying chocolate (and praying).

Just like the last holiday, Doug got outside early with his bowl of chocolate and greeted all the men on the street who were walking around getting...chocolate.

This is the neighbor boy.  Check out his outfit!!

See what this gentleman is doing?  He has his hand to his head, and he is saying "Head Eyes" in his language.  That is how you say "thank you" and show respect.

This is our landlord's brother.  If I had to pick a favorite on the street, it would be him.

And Doug is still handing out chocolate.

One time, a huge group of men came by and emptied his bowl so he had to come in for a refill.

This time of the day, women are not outside, so I was sneaking pictures from the second floor window.

Shhh!  Don't tell anyone.

This man is also saying "Head Eyes," but he's putting his hand to his heart, which is acceptable as well.

The boys are all in their new clothes

But let's not leave the girls out.

Here they are.  New clothes.  Purses.  Hair down.  Ready to go.

But, where are they going?

Probably to find more chocolate!

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