Monday, September 19, 2016

My baby's growing up

There is a new baby in the neighborhood.  I showed you this picture back in August on the first day that I saw her.

She's not much bigger now.

The ladies and small children who pass her around don't protect her neck, so it's getting pretty strong, pretty fast.  They also hit her over and over again on her bottom (gingerly) saying, "Hit, hit, hit."

They start them young, and it continues on into the teenage years (and maybe further).

Children are always hitting each other and parents are always hitting children.

Just last night, we went to a house for tea and cookies, and one of the boys there hauled off and slapped his brother hard in the head, and everything went on as if nothing happened, while my children all looked at me wide-eyed and then started giggling under their breath.

When it comes to the neighbors, I think Keira likes some of the attention being off of her for a little while.

And then there's Kylie.

My baby, recently-turned 14 year old.

Time's flying.

In Africa, the kids started a tradition of sleeping all together the night before someone's birthday.

The tradition continued (sans Keira).

 Keira helped Dad and I wake up Kylie and the other two.  We played the Imperial music from "Star Wars," poked everyone with light sabers, and eventually got around to singing, "Happy Birthday" to Kylie.

Don't we look lovely?

We all made her cards, and even though the inside of Keira's card was cute, too, I thought I'd show you the back.  Karis translated it for her:

"Happy birthday to you!  You are the biggest person."

It made us all smile.

In the afternoon, some girls got together to play games and make desserts.  They had a good time.

For dinner, we went out to eat.  Kylie and I split a Hawaiian hamburger.  It was delicious!

Someone else (Kylie's mini-me) enjoyed her chicken and soda.

When we came back home, we invited a few families over for our traditional birthday dessert that Kylie made. 

There was hardly anything left when all was said and done.

Happy birthday, Kylie!

I hope you always know how much you are loved by your family and your Father.

Yes, Caleb, we can see you :)

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