Thursday, September 15, 2016

Having "tea" without tea.

My neighbor invited a friend of mine and me to her sister-in-law's house for "tea."  The lady's son had recently gotten married, and she wanted us to watch the wedding video.  My kids and I missed the wedding, but Doug and my friend (with her family) had attended.

This is the third wedding video that I have watched since I've arrived in country.  I think they like re-living the beauty of the reception, the dancing, and the pretty dresses.

Who doesn't, right?

In reality, the wedding is small and takes place in the home or somewhere small in front of a religious official.  In this couple's case, it happened a year ago, but my understanding is that that "wedding" only meant that they could be seen in public together.  The reception that they plan is the place they invite family and friends, the bride wears white, there is dancing and cake, and when they leave they can consummate their marriage.

Of course, when I understand language more, I can ask more questions, but that's the best explanation I can do for you right now.

This was the bride and groom, being treated like royalty at the reception, seated on thrones, waiting to take pictures with everyone who came, while cake (with one fork) was being passed around.

This is the bride and groom on TV at the groom's mother's house.  The bride is sitting in the chair in the flower dress.  It was kind of weird because the "tea party" was very chatty except for the new bride.  She didn't speak and no one spoke to her (except for me...I asked her name).

They brought out this wonderful food.  A cake made with cookies and chocolate pudding on the left and pastries deep fried with either cheese or meat inside on the right.

On my plate, they added their special date cookie that almost all people make here, plus two other types of cookies.

It was WAY too hot for tea, so ice cold Cokes were an awesome substitute!

Food disappeared pretty quickly, but they kept adding food to my plate. 

I had to sneak it back when they weren't looking.

We made quite a mess.

After more visiting and more video, they brought out the fruit.

They served me and my friend so much (and first) that there was hardly any left on the tray for all the other ladies and kids.  Americans will NEVER be able to out-do this people's hospitality.  They win no matter which way you slice it (no pun intended).

Thankfully, again, I was able to return some to the fruit tray without being noticed.

After staying about three hours, our driver (my neighbor's husband who had been visiting more of his family in the house next door) announced it was time to go.

This is a bad picture, but I was trying to give you an idea about the driving situations here most of the time.

Riding in cars here reminds me of Africa a little (except in Africa it's generally on a motorcycle or in the back of a truck).  We were in a double cab Toyota truck with two kids in the back end and 8 people up front (one was an infant being held in her mother's arms - no car seats here).  You can tell that my neighbor is basically on half of my lap. 

It makes for an interesting ride when everyone is talking a once, music is blaring, and they start bouncing up and down to the beat.

I imagine that this whole adventure must be very similar to having tea with the Queen.

(but more fun, though)

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