Wednesday, August 2, 2017

For Grandparents - the end of a season

Grandparents are usually the only ones appreciative of posts like this, so feel free to skip this one.

No hard feelings.

And who am I kidding?   MOST of my posts are only interesting for the grandparents.

Soccer and ballet ended for our two smaller ones, and because of other things going on, I barely made the ceremony of either, but I do have picture proof that I did actually make it for part of the ending of each.

Caleb's soccer season finished with a tournament between some city teams.  His team ended at the bottom of the bracket, but they had a good time.

Keira had to perform a small series of positions for her teacher, and then she received a certificate.

This is Keira with her teacher, the owner of the studio.  Kylie will be taking over this class next year.

These girls were quite a hand-full this year.  Here's hoping for a "calmer" class next year.

 Here is a video of Keira "performing" for her teacher.

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