Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Time to Cool Off

We were invited to go with a group of people to a water park outside of town.  We'd seen posters for it, but we had never been.

It worked out to go with a large group because we could get a discount.

The rules at this place were crazy, and the people they had watching us in the changing room to make sure we did everything to "code" was interesting.

The only one I'll go into was the dress code.  

Woman can wear whatever...preferably a LOT. 

Men can only wear a suit, no shirt.

Well, the guys in our group didn't like that rule, and convinced the man at the ticket counter that with fair skin, they would all burn if they weren't allowed to wear shirts.  

The man rebutted with how hard the rides would be to ride with shirts on, and of course, someone in our group said that the women seem to do just fine with their shirts on.

Okay...men in your group can wear shirts.

Many girls and mom's were dressed like this girl...in jeans and long sleeves, although some wore abayas (the long, black cloaks).

The ladies in our group wore t-shirts and tights or long shorts over their swimsuits.  

The biggest problem was blistering feet when walking around.  It was hard to find relief for feet outside of the water.

And there was the token no-eyed, scary mascot that awkwardly scooped Keira up in his arms.

I couldn't get pictures of some of the more interesting suits I saw that day, because I try to be discreet, y'all.

There were some too low, too high cut, and some not covering enough.

And I'm not talking about women.

This culture has no shortage on hair, so let me just leave you with this, and you can imagine the majority of our day.

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