Thursday, August 3, 2017

In the Land of Aladdin

We don't live in the land where Aladdin's story originated, but it seemed like a good theme for the past years' dance recital, so that's what the powers that be went with.

They did a good job with the Cave of Wonders; the Genie was blue and over-active, like he was supposed to be; the magic carpet was cute and bouncy; they did a wonderful job casting Jasmine and Aladdin; and they even had two men who made a very convincing camel!

But of course, my favorite part of the show were the dancing "dolls" in the marketplace and the "peacocks" that performed on the streets of Agraba.

Kylie and Karis were assistants on stage for Keira's class, so they dressed as marketplace people, hardly recognizable for their roles.

  And here's the dancing "doll."

The girls had to get them organized on stage.

And then they were ready!

When Prince Ali came to Agraba, he brought the peacocks with him.  

The first peacock to strut her feathers was Kylie.

Soon they were all out. 

Karis, Kylie, and another peacock strutting en pointe across the stage.

The finish!

The finale!  What a production!

The two girls with their teacher.

Fun night in Agraba

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