Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Mother's Blessing

Another one for the grandparents.  

I showed these to my mom on facetime, but a moving picture sometimes isn't clear.

You can tell how far behind I am in posting, because these were from Mother's Day back in May ;)

The kids got up extra early for school (yes, we have school on Sunday's here).  Kylie and Karis decorated the kitchen, made me cards, and Kylie made me breakfast.

They wrote cute messages with wipe-off markers all over the tile walls.

Pinterest gave them a lot of cute ideas for pictures.

This message was Caleb's idea.  Any "Green Arrow" fans out there?

If not, don't beat yourself up.  I'm pretty sure my parents don't "get it" either.

A sweet friend even had Keira and a few other little girls over a couple of days before Mother's Day, to help them make gifts for their mom's.  Without Sunday Schools or classrooms in a country that acknowledges this day, it is hard for little kiddos to do this sort of thing on their own.

Funny enough, the lady who helped them do this was gone in June, and one of the other little girls said, "I'm sad she was gone in June because I didn't get to make something for Father's Day."

Kylie helped Keira make this card by giving her the "letters" to write.  And apparently, she also wanted to remind me how old she was.  I loved it!

I felt very special, and I'm always amazed at their creativity.  Last year, they made me the game of "Clue," and it was pretty amazing, too.  You can click HERE to see it.

And it WAY better than Martyr's Day in Uganda, which I mistook for Mother's Day because of their accent and the way they speak.  THAT was a day I would love to forget.  Eek!

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