Friday, August 11, 2017

Things I see (Vol 3)

Welcome to "Things I See."  If you want to see the previous two installments, you can click on Volume 1 or Volume 2.

A letter a parent is really excited about receiving from their child's school: 

Chinooks that used to fly over Caleb's soccer field every night.

A truck that drives around with material you can buy to make your next fancy outfit.  When he gets going down the road, it's amazing that all of it doesn't blow away.

You just THOUGHT you knew what K.F.C. stood for.

You see that road sign...

You must "Reducet" your speed.  This reminds me of the way people talked in Uganda ;)

There is no rule to parking in this place.  I haven't gotten pictures of some of the more crazy ones.  Double, triple, and quadruple parking on busy, large streets is not unheard of.  People just put on their flashers and leave their car, backing up all kinds of traffic.

This car was parked over the corner, but usually, cars are parked on both sides of a narrow street, so you have to really watch your rearview mirrors as you drive down neighborhood streets.

I took this while Doug was driving right down the middle of the stripe, and I said, "I will never do that when I drive," but alas, I drive like the locals do now.  

The lanes mean nothing.  You just drive wherever you want.  It's like Mario Kart ALL the time with obstacles to swerve around, people to watch for that run across the road, and someone who is on the far right, but wants to be on the far left, and he just thinks he can do that with no blinker and no consideration...

Sweeping rocks.  'Nuff said.

Toddlers play area. 

Just kidding.

I'll keep looking to see what "Things I See."

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