Monday, March 22, 2010

About Nursing

>A couple of thoughts.

When we went to see Alice in the hospital, a friend with me was trying to convince Alice about the benefits of letting the baby latch on before the milk comes in. Of course, Alice had never heard of colostrum, but she took my friends advice and let Sarah latch on.

I was told by another friend that as soon as we left, Alive promptly took the baby off, and said, "That hurts. I will wait until the milk comes in." It makes me appreciate the lactation specialists in the States all the more, and I wish there was one here for these ladies. All the ladies in the maternity ward here let their babies cry while waiting for their milk to come in.

The second enlightenment I had came two days after the baby was born when I made a home visit to see Alice. She was talking to me about wanting to nurse a lot so her stomach would go down again. And she does nurse a lot. Anytime the baby makes a noise, she "gives" her milk.

I empathized with her, and told her I was still trying to get my stomach down. There are just some things that are totally cross-cultural!

Anyway, she told me, "You should drink the lemons off your tree."

I said, "Lemon water?"

She said, "You know, lemon in the water with the sugar."

I said, "Lemonade?"

She said, "Yes. I worked with another mundu before, and after she had her baby, she drank lemonade and she got very skinny."

I'm thinking, "Since when does lemonade make you skinny?"

So I asked another person about this lady that Alice used to work for, and apparently, she was one of those very blessed American women with good genes who lose the baby weight and are down to a size 2 three weeks after the baby is born.

Alice based here theory about lemonade off of this woman and she believed it!

Imagine ladies! Drinking lemonade can make you skinny.

Two days later I had my watchman pick four lemons off my tree and I made lemonade. I'm thinning up already…or could it be that I walk a mile to town to do my grocery shopping. You decide.


Kevin, Kara, Kolton, & Kannon said...

Your stories are amazing and the pictures of the animals are incredible!! I am thankful for your posts so I can keep up with your family!!! The more stories you share, the more I realize how strong you are! Tell Doug I said hey! Press on!!!

Nurse Bevo said...

I'll come be your lactation specialist!!!!! Only problem is you're going to need a lot of lemons to get me skinny lol!!!!! Better be a big tree!

Kelly said...

Kat, what a great opportunity for ministry you've got right there already! You ARE a lactation specialist!! Print off a few pictures and some information from the internet, and voila! You're a teacher too! Would the hospital let you offer some nursing classes?