Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Now, back to the no electricity story. It’s Wednesday, and still no fuel truck from Mombasa. So still no power.

Remember my refrigerator is electric, so basically, we are eating food quickly or losing it. Running the generator three hours at night is just enough to save the freezer, not the fridge.

What I realized yesterday is that we aren’t eating the food fast enough. I pulled out zucchini last night to use up the end of it, and liquid ran down my skirt. Eeeww.

If that wasn’t enough, I decided to cut off the “runny” end, and worms were everywhere inside, having a feast. The cold would have at least slowed them down, but the hot box made great feasting for them.

I think the rest of the leftovers in the fridge will automatically see the trash pile out back without a glance. Goodbye watermelon! So long, guacamole!

“Everybody hates me. Nobody likes me. I’m gonna eat some worms. Big fat juicy ones, long, skinny, slimy ones…” (I forgot the end of the song, but it was just to make you smile anyway).

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Holly Brennan said...

.....itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy worms!!!

Love it. But love you more. Any time I need a chuckle, I come check out your blog, cause you're just that amazing. :)