Monday, March 22, 2010

Murchison Falls

Before I begin on these short descriptions, let me say that I loaded these pictures up in a different way, and I didn't know what order they would come out in. So if they seem disjointed, it's because they are...

One of many beautiful acacia trees (above).

The kids hopped off the boat so I could get a picture of them with the Falls behind them.

Just a picture of my "wild animals" with the Nile behind them.

I showed this picture to some Lugbara people, and they laughed and laughed. First of all, many of the people here have never seen the beautiful animals of their country, so the pictures I showed them were incredible to them. The ladies I showed this to got the biggest kick because the baboon carries her baby on her back just like the ladies here do. They loved seeing it.

Emmanuel let all three of my kids help him drive the boat on our two hour boat trip down the Nile.

Murchison Falls coming down in a zig zag through the rocks.

So many! These are Rothschild Giraffes. The males get darker and darker as they get older. You can see the male pretty clearly here. Below is a picture, albeit far away, of a male who is almost totally black with gray hair by his ears! Can you squint to see him? He was pretty far off, but he looked cool in the binoculars!

I think there are more hippos in the park than anything. She is just one of MANY!

Kylie taking her turn at the helm.

And Karis..

People rarely see lions in the park, and we were blessed to see one male and 4 females the first day and this beautiful lioness up close the second morning. Amazing creatures!

A tiny deer called an oribi. I have more pictures but they are on Doug's computer, and I haven't gotten them off yet. Maybe I'll post more later. It was a lot of fun, and the kids had a blast.


Cara said...

Okay one, that looks like a super neat trip. Two, your kids are already getting older - STOP THEM! And three, I can't wait to see you guys. :D Love ya!

Thomas said...

this is Lisa....I agree w/Cara: the kids look older already! Awesome pictures and awesome & amazing stories. I'm just hoping that drinking lemonade will be the answer; or maybe I should also walk a mile or more to the store too! Love you bunches :)

Thomas said...
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Stevens Family said...

Maybe we should come to Uganda - Ill try to take a safari in belgrade - many wild animals. Love you guys

Stevens Family said...

My Kyleigh says hit to your Kylie. Hope your having a great time in Uganda, the pictures of the animals were so cool. Don't feed Kaleb or karis to the lions (that parts from my dad)

Micah said...

Dude that looks awesome. The elephant pic is really cool looking. I would love to see that... makes the Houston zoo look like garbage!