Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our first package!!

My sister-in-law, Courtney, was really on the ball, and she sent out a package for Valentine’s Day. It left the US on February 8th and arrived in my hands on March 3rd. Not bad! It may have even been here sooner…let me explain.

One of our college guys, Evan, went to the post office today to mail something, and the man there said, “I think you have packages.” (Our whole team of 19 shares the same post office box). The man looked in several places and kept finding packages. When all was said and done, Evan walked out with NINE packages. No telling how long some had been there, and unless you think we hadn’t been in a while, that is not the case. I believe someone checks every day.

The sad part for some is that they are still waiting on Christmas presents that have not arrived. There were a few boxes mailed in November that have YET to make it. I’ve heard that bubble envelopes or the pre-set priority mail-boxes get here quickest, but I have no proof.

My kids each quickly picked out a flavor to put in their Nalgene bottle and had fun trying the different ones. They also had fun seeing their homemade Valentine cards from cousins, Bryce and Mia. Thanks guys. Your cards did make it to Africa!

The pipe cleaners disappeared to be made into “experiments,” and I quickly confiscated the scotch tape, so I could pass out “healthy portions” when needed. It’s okay here to scotch tape things to the walls (I imagine you sucking in huge amounts of air here). Now that we have tape, Kylie and Karis decided to decorate their rooms today. They did a fine job, and I still think we have tape left.

Things like scotch tape and zip lock bags will not be taken for granted anymore. I wash zip locks every day to be re-used and shed a tear when they get too worn to use anymore. Thankfully, I have more coming in the crate…

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Stefanie Kellum said...

Aimee and I are packing our package tomorrow!!! And so exciting about all your travels!