Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Murchison Falls, Take 1

Well, we were blessed in a different way this week.

We were supposed to take our two days away this Thursday and Friday and travel to Murchison Falls to the game reserve, but a blessing fell from the sky…literally.

Some of our leadership visited Arua last week, and after a visit to our home and seeing some improvements that could be made, offered the help of a fellow “handyman” missionary who lives in southern Uganda.

Today (Wednesday) this gentleman flew to Arua, and he is taking our list of to-do’s for the house, and knocking them out one-by-one. He will be here until Saturday. So I am gladly going to reschedule our two days away for another time.

I think I am getting a shelf and towel racks in the kitchen; towel racks (they have to be made and then hung) for both bathrooms; a shower curtain rod for my shower (also has to be made) and something at the base of the shower that will keep the water from getting all over the bathroom floor when I use it (my watchman is breaking up rocks so that we can mix it with concrete for the job); a work bench and storage shelves in the garage; shelves in the newly finished laundry room; and a make-over for some book shelves that are here.

I’m guessing we will run the generator so that tools can be used. That means fans can be used and the water heater can be turned on!! Although my kids won’t notice. They will be out catching termites, playing capture the flag, or making crafts with sticks, flowers, and leaves.

Nevertheless, the elephants and lions will have to wait.


Megan said...

so glad you get some "generator time" and a handyman too!

Aimee said...

Good news!! Post some pictures of the improvements when he is finished.

Georgia said...

I remember when Kylie and I used to make crafts....