Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blown Eggs

We have been without internet for over a week, so I'm sorry for the delay in writing.

Just a short snippet today, and when I get the rest of my email read, I'll write some more about what has been going on.

Today, I took the kids to their weekly Bible study, but I took something with us that was new for all of us...

Blown eggs.

I'm pretty sure I remember blowing eggs with my mom when I was little, but to be at a party where everyone brought trays of blown eggs, was so interesting. I don't know if there was more than one reason for not hard-boiling them (like lack of refrigeration for some), but the reason we were asked to was because of the hostess. She makes egg-mobiles every year of her kids' egg artwork, and keeps them.

You can't do that with hard-boiled eggs. Eeew!

Anyway, I only saw one egg get broken during the whole process with 16 children, and the only downside I can see is that all of us will be having omelets for a week or more to use up all the "innards" that are stored in tupperware at our homes.

By the way, if you want to try it, wikipedia gives very simple instructions, and it was pretty easy. And in America, you get the added benefit of NOT having to scrub the chicken poo off before you put your mouth to it :)

Bleach is a great thing.


Misti said...

Sounds fun! I'm looking it up now! =) My mom sent me an email with info on bleach...was interesting, I'll find it and forward to you. Glad to hear the kiddos are well again!!!

Laura said...

Love the "if you're in America" sidenote at the end! It certainly makes me thankful for bleach.

Hope you guys have a happy Easter!!

Kelly said...

Oh but we do get to clean off the chicken poop!! :-) That's how you know they're "organic", I guess. Think of all those nutrients!