Thursday, March 4, 2010

Did I mention?

**Did I mention we get “2 days away” each month, but I don’t know where we would go. Congo? Sudan? The nearest decent city in Uganda is 8 hours away.

We are planning our first “2 days away” for next week. We are going to Murchison Falls Game Reserve. It is only 2 hours away, but it can be very expensive. It caters to tourists who have the money to spend on safaris. Anyway, we figured that while we are in Africa, we should see some animals, so we are going to bite the bullet this time, and then next month, we might just stay at our home and tell people we are “away.”

**Did I mention that our crate is officially in-route. This is good news, although I don’t know if that means “Atlantic Ocean in-route” or “Houston ship channel in-route.” I’ll keep you updated.

**Did I mention that on April 20th, we will be leaving Arua and not returning until June 7th. It is really going to hurt our language training process, but it is unavoidable.

We will be attending a safari-type training called 40/40 in Lusaka, Zambia, for 30 something of those days. Then we will take a quick 3 or 4-day jaunt down to Victoria Falls. We figured since we were close, we should see it before flying back to Uganda.

Once we return to Uganda, we have some medical appointments in Kampala for Caleb (his four-year old shots) and some immunization updates for Doug and me plus we will re-stock for Arua.

But wait…there’s more. We will stay in Kampala until June 3rd, which is when our sub-cluster’s prayer retreat starts in Jinja.

All of that is to say, if you need communication during that time, it will be nearly impossible until I return to Kampala, and more than likely, I will not be able to facebook or tell anyone “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” during that time except my daughter, who will be with me on her special day.

**Did I mention we got a package?


Stevens Family said...

Safari - YESSSSS! I expect a huge "Harvest" from the Taylor Family. Doug - big game - go for the Lion man.
By the way we do not get "two days" away here.
Africa 1 E. Europe 0
Love you guys
Oh and 2+months no Doug contact, please tell African Leadership I said this is unacceptable

lisasmith said...

Lusaka, Kampala...those are the places my mother ministered the last two summers!! She was with Grace Children's Home and some local pastors. So neat for your feet to touch ground i've so fervently prayed over...expect miracles!!