Wednesday, March 10, 2010

National Woman’s Day

Monday, March 8th, was National Woman’s Day in Uganda.

Our language tutor texted 10 minutes before class to let us know she wasn’t coming. The holiday was calling her name, apparently.

There was a big parade in town. Schools were closed, and…no electricity came on. I was thinking the “guys” at the electric facility decided to take “Woman’s” Day off. I didn’t find out until Tuesday that the power plant had run out of fuel again, and instead of having an order en route preparing for when they would run out. They ran out first, and THEN ordered more from…Mombasa, Kenya. A good three days or more away ☺ (I’m smiling through gritted teeth, if you can’t tell).

Back to Woman’s Day.

Our watchman took off early to go cook dinner for his wife. That is apparently one of the “benefits” of Woman’s Day – the husbands cook dinner for their wives. My house worker also told me that if your husband beats you on National Woman’s Day, you can report him to the police, and he will get in VERY bad trouble. Apparently, the rest of the year, you are out of luck.

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The Spears Family said...

We had national woman's day here too! There was a big program - I didn't go. Thanks for the posts. Makes my life seem kind of normal! :) Like crying in the middle of language class and then locking yourself in you room isn't normal?????