Monday, March 28, 2011

Back on February 14...

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about our "blessings" that came for Valentine's Day this year.

Audrey Smith is a trustee for the International Mission Board. She is amazing. She has kept up with my family since I met her Sept of 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida, when we were appointed. And when I say "kept up," that includes being an amazing prayer warrior for us (her and her whole church), writing encouraging emails to me, and coming all the way to Africa to check on us and other missionaries in this part of the world.

I think I've even mentioned in a newsletter how she brought me oh, so many Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies! She got them before they were even being sold by the Girl Scouts. This lady knows how to get things done!

She and her husband Mike, who is a pastor, flew over with other trustees, but she is the one who visited Arua.

They brought items for schools, for the baseball team, and for us. You can see by the picture (Karis wearing Mike's hat), my kids warmed up to them in just the two days they were here

Audrey spent one whole morning with my kids so Doug and I were free to visit with some people. During that time, she made a video of them for my mother.

I'm telling you, this lady is awesome!

Another highlight was some of our leadership getting to come with Mike and her.

Tim (on the left) lives in Kenya, and Steve, lives in Johannesburg.

We often see their names on emails or on information about changes, but it was really nice to get to meet them face to face.

It's always a big deal when the "boss" comes to your house (for some reason, I just thought of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" when the boss is forced to come to Clark Griswold's house by Cousin Eddie). But I digress...

Anyway, you can't control your kids in what they will say or do...enter Caleb.

We were all visiting in the yard, and the next thing I knew, Caleb had brought two light sabers out. He walked over and gave the green one to Steve, to challenge him in a duel against his red one. The duel was going well, but when Caleb thought he didn't have the upper hand anymore, he dropped his light saber to his side and lifted up his hand in what I like to call, the "Emperor Claw," and he started hissing like the Emperor does when he's using the "dark-side" on somebody.

Steve knew he was beat.

Gotta love a visit like that!

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