Monday, March 28, 2011


Goats, goats, and more goats!

I'm pretty confident that sums up a lot of Africa, and probably other parts of the world.

My children are fascinated with them, and I don't understand.

Maybe it's because they are everywhere, unguarded, so they seem like their own little pets or something.

The goats are tied to a rope, which is tied to a bush of some sort, and then they are left throughout the day, by the road to graze.

Since we walk most places, we pass a LOT of goats.

Caleb is always trying to see how close he can get to them. He wants to pet one so badly, but they are pretty skittish.

Then one day, I took them with me on a walk to see a friend, Grace, and she had two baby goats in her yard.



You have to admit. They are pretty cute.

My kids - not the goats - who did you think I meant? :)

This made my boy very happy.

Caleb, who is now 5, has become quite the movie quoter. It's a gift. My brother had it too. I don't know how, after watching a movie once, a person can quote so many lines from it.

Well, Caleb's latest quoting conquests come from "Shrek Forever After."

Things like, "Do the roar," or "Nobody's smart but me." One he says is, "I don't care how big your eyes get, Player, I'm not...." and then Caleb fills in his own line, depending on what he doesn't want to do at the moment.

Another favorite of his is when Rumpelstiltskin says to Shrek, "You're not going to eat me?" And Shrek replies, "I already had a big bowl of curly-toed weirdo for breakfast."

So when I saw this goat outside our compound, I ran to get the kids and the camera to show them I'd found a "curly-toed weirdo."

Great Mom, huh?

The kids didn't laugh.

They wanted to love on it like every other goat they'd ever seen...and this one let them pet it.

Shows you what I know...NOTHING!


Laura said...

My uncle in Mississippi raises goats to clear his land, so this post caught my eye. However, the part that stood out to me most was "Caleb, who is now 5..." FIVE?? Dude, how time has flown! We were just looking at a picture the other day of Baby Caleb drooling all over some LSU Mardi Gras beads in Micah's arms. And now he's 5... and Micah's about to be 30! Ha ha!

Misti said...

that post made me laugh out loud!