Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes, that is a cold chill you felt all the way from north of the Equator in Uganda, Africa.

Don't be's not the weather that is giving me the chill.

It's my shower.

Our town has been without power for 16 days and counting.

That means no hot water for showers. Brrrrr!

Don't get me wrong, with the heat here, sometimes a cold shower actually feels good, but other times...not so much.

I heat up water on the stove for the kids' baths, but I'm just not a bath person, so I'll suffer with a small scream as the water hits my head.

I feel so blessed to have solar (as I have mentioned several times before and will continue to mention), but our solar is not geared to run hot water heaters, toasters, irons, electric refrigerators, etc. Anything with a heating element. It would drain our batteries too much.

So the town has no cheese (there is only one man who carries a few wheels of it at a time anyway), hardly any cold drinks, and generators running wherever necessary. Our freezer was unplugged, and a dear friend of mine is letting me keep my food in her freezer. She is only a block away, so I just walk over whenever I need something to defrost for dinner.

The town also gets its water pumped by electricity, so no electricity, no water.

Thankfully, we have a water tank that has collected water, and we are okay right now. A friend told me she is getting up at 2am every morning to go stand in line with her jerrycans at the bore hole since the outside taps in her area of town have not been working. She says that some people come with 20 jerrycans, and if she doesn't get there before them, she will wait all night.

She says many people are really suffering during this dry season with no water and food prices going so high.

Again, I am reminded, I have no right to complain about a cold shower. I thank Jesus that I do have water to take a shower, water to heat up on the stove for my kids' baths, water to drink, and water to cook.

Not only that - it comes out of the tap in my home and I don't have to carry it two miles, up hill, both ways...and that is NOT an exaggeration!

I have light at night, a place to charge my phone and my computer, and I can still communicate with you, and you are worth a cold shower!

Solar Joy!

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