Monday, March 28, 2011

Friends and Retreat

I've shown you pictures of some of my national friends here in Arua, but I haven't shown you pictures of my ex-pat friends, so I thought I would.

These are some of my friends who live in other countries, but I get to see them in a couple of weeks in Kenya, and it will be so fun to connect again.

Here in Arua, some of the ex-pat ladies had a retreat to celebrate our study of the Book of Esther.

We had a "banquet" and got all dressed up.

Some of us who didn't have dresses went to the clothing market in town and bought prom dresses for $5 each.

These are all the ladies (minus Vikki, with the camera) that attended. They are from Canada, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, Kenya, and America.

This is my teammate Pam. She has lived in Arua for 10 years.

Below is Sandra (L) and Meg (R). They are both leaving this summer.

Sandra home schools Pam's children, and Meg is the one God sent to teach Kylie ballet (she also washes dishes every time she visits). Do you think her mother will let me keep her?

Sherry is my dear friend who Meg actually works for and with. All the pictures that I took at Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve were at her house. I have a lot of fun with her.

She has lived here for 20 years.

Now you can see Vikki. She's on the far left. She has been here about 15 years (I think).

These are all the ladies from America.

Maggie is my friend and neighbor (two houses down) from Kenya. She moved to Arua the same week I did. After I learn Lugbara, maybe she'll teach me Swahili.

This sweet lady led the retreat and did an amazing job! Her name is Joanna, and she has been here almost five years.

The banquet.

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