Saturday, March 12, 2011

Through the windshield: part 2

Africa can be pretty colorful.

There aren't many billboards, like in America, so products are advertised on buildings, with bright paint. My

guess is that the sponsors help pay for part of the building.

Here are just a few of the thousands we passed. It was hard to get most of them.

Did I mention we were traveling at fast speeds?

In Arua we see a few billboards.

I can tell we are about an hour or two from Arua when I start seeing charcoal for sale. It is a hot export for this part of the country.

Here are some ladies stacking charcoal. And then in the pictures below it, you can see how they sell it.

The ladies will pack their charcoal in a large plastic sack, wrap the top in grass, write their name on the bag in charcoal, and then set it on rocks. They get the money when their bag sells.

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