Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shearing time

I forgot to share with you another aspect of my missionary life.

I SO wish I had gotten a picture, but I didn't. Sorry.

No, I didn't go to a local sheep shearing.

Doug cut my hair in the backyard a couple of weeks ago.

I think the neighbors got quite a kick out of watching us.

It was going to be a one-inch trim, but by the time he got it all evened out, he had cut off three inches.

What a man! He was just thinking ahead to what would be best for me during this dry, hot season.

I have a wonderful husband!

Would you let your man cut your hair? Just curious.


Nancy said...

I would cut my hair in the mirror before turning it over to Wyndham. I fear he would do it poorly so that he would not be asked again. When we were newly weds and short on cash, I used to cut his hair. Once I got it too short in one spot and you could see his scalp, so we put black shoe polish on the scalp there. So payback is an issue as well.

Brandy said...

My first trip to a salon here in India, I came home and Gray cut the awkward "tail" I had off. Now, I have a strange haircut from Thailand that he'll be trimming up for me. Maybe I'll learn to just start with him trimming it next time???!!!

Although I'm nervous for him to cut my hair every time.

The Spears Family said...

I made Jonathan watch a video and then do some serious work on the bowl cut I received here. It's finally grown out long enough, and I'll be visiting the salon again (A MORE REPUTABLE ONE - of course)