Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's the Little Things

God amazes me in the little things.

Doug has been praying for a year that God would send someone to Arua that could teach Kylie ballet.

I mean, what are the chances, right?

In January, a lovely lady taking a gap year before college, arrived here to work with the Catholic mission.

I met Meg on her second day in town, and after about a month and a half, I invited her to a family meal. We invited her on “Pizza Night,” because what American wouldn’t want that? The kids decorated cookies that day for our dessert that night, and they each made cookies for her.

When she arrived, I was still finishing the pizzas, so she played outside with the kids. Meg mentioned later that she had talked to Kylie and found out Kylie took ballet back in the States. She then said, “That was my thing.”

Doug was excited, and I asked her pretty immediately if she wanted to teach Kylie dance one day a week. She didn’t even bat an eye before she said, “Sure.”

Later that night, I looked her up on facebook, and I looked at some of her pictures from high school. It turns out, she attended Ballet Magnificat’s summer camps in Jackson, Mississippi, so I knew dancing just wasn’t her “thing,” it was her “THING!”

Having lived outside of Jackson for eight years, I know a little about Ballet Mag. I have friends that toured with them, and I saw some of their performances. They are a ballet company focused on giving glory to God through dance, and they are GOOD!

I told one of Meg’s bosses that she might be teaching Kylie dance one day a week, if that was okay, and she told me that would be great. Then she told me that Meg had earned money in high school by teaching dance!

Doug’s prayer wasn’t answered by just some girl who danced in high school, but by someone who taught dance and was good at it!

We only have a couple of more months before Meg returns to Arkansas, but we are thanking God for the time He did give us with her. She is a delight.

She comes to teach on Wednesdays and then returns again for pizza night on Fridays. We love having her around, and we hope we’ve blessed her as much as she’s blessed us.

Ask God for the little things. He wants to bless you.


Paula said...

Kathryn, this really made me cry! I have never seen the hand on God so evident as I have with this trip to Africa for Meg. So grateful!
I just took her sister to Shreveport for her Advanced Foundation exam with the Royal Academy. Meg has one more exam to go when she gets home to complete the training she started in 2nd grade. Ballet has been a huge blessing to my girls as I'm sure it will be for Kylie.

Meg has talked a lot about her times with your family, and I'm so grateful God brought you all into her life at this time!

Kaye Harkness said...

I love that. God amazes me over and over that He cares for the "little things" in our lives and I just know He smiles when He answers those prayers.

Cara said...

Ballet Magnificat IS great! What a blessing Meg is for sweet Kylie! Praise God.

Megan said...

LOVE this!! I wish it could be me next to continue after Meg leaves to go home...I'll be working on some videos :) Does Kylie need anything? shoes, or music? It sounds like Meg was trained in the royal ballet school-so was I. I never did all the exams, but I know the curriculum. what level is Meg doing with Kylie?

Nancy said...

What an incredible demonstration of the power of prayer. These are such faith builders for your children to see God at work on the things that we pray for. And what other kid in the world can say when she grows up that she learned ballet in Uganda!

Stefanie Kellum said...

This is just awesomeness. I'm so happy for Kylie! And thanks for the reminder that God wants to use the little things to bless us. I think a lot of times I feel silly asking for little things, but He says do it! It's just another way He shows us how big He is to take care of the little things!

LoveforAfrica said...

This just blesses my heart!