Saturday, March 12, 2011

Through the windshield: part 1

I got a little camera-happy on the way home from Kampala this time.

What else am I going to do for 7 hours?

My thoughts were, “People can never really experience Africa just through pictures, but I should at least let them try to experience some of it.

(I email my pictures to my blog from a gmail account because they are easier to load that way, but I was having trouble emailing more than 10 at a time, so this will be a post in three parts.)

This is my life through the high speeds.

Enjoy the pictures….

Yes, that is a motorcycle being carried by a motorcycle.

Brick making.

More school uniform colors: blue and white

Green (at high speeds)




We took an off-road detour through the bush.

I don't know how that greyhound made it.

How do you find a detour through the bush?

Just follow the big truck in front of you.

And of course, more baboons....

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