Monday, March 28, 2011

Mango Update

Apparently, mangoes aren't all bad when they aren't fully ripe. My sister, who lives in Costa Rica, has informed me in no uncertain terms that her mouth was watering as she read my blog and looked at the picture of the tree full of immature mangoes.

In Costa Rica, they call them “mango celes”, although neither one of us is certain they are the same type of mango.

She says this: "The Costa Ricans (and I) peel them and serve them with a squeeze of lemon juice (or unripe mandarin orange, which is even better) and a bunch of salt. I have been known to drive several miles out of my way to find a fruit vendor selling these along the road. I don’t know what the mangoes in Uganda are like, but I know they’re a HUGELY popular item here — sold whole along the roads; cut-up (with salt and mandarain) in bags along the roads; in grocery stores; in restaurants; at fruit vendors’ shops..... And I know they’re hugely popular in Indonesia and India as well. So, if you haven’t really tried one, you might want to give it a try! It’s nothing like a ripe mango; it may be even better!!! (You do have to like sour, though!)"

So there you have it, folks. The world traveler says unripe mango is delicious. It's good I didn't know that ahead of time or else God would have had a hard time making His point to me.

Thanks for the info, Kelly.

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