Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arriving late one night...

Underneath those tarps are all our worldly possessions, but to tell you the truth, we could have done without a lot of them. It's just hard to know when you are packing for a place you have never been to before.

Caleb is doing the "happy dance." He was so excited to see his guitar, drum, and toy dinosaur. He'd been talking about them since we arrived.

More happy dancing.

There they all are. An amazing crane hooked to the truck would lift each one off, and set it down.

I have already started a box labeld "USA." In it, are things that need to go back with relatives or friends when they return, because I don't need them here.

Who would have known that I would only have one drawer in my kitchen? I brought three drawer organizers, and none of them fit in the one drawer I have!

Who needs grilling utensils when they don't make grills here?

Who needs winter clothes when there is no winter?

Who needs socks when all you wear is flip flops?

There are also a few items that have found their way to the shelves in Kampala since we packed our crates. I did find some sunscreen in Kampala for a high price, but it is there. But no worries, I have a three-year supply for now. There is also the real-deal Tabasco here, but we brought enough to make it awhile. Thank goodness for re-stocking opportunities, though.

But some items that are NOT on the shelves in Kampala, I was so glad to see in my crate: Velveeta and Rotel! I made tacos the night after the crate arrived JUST so I could have an excuse to make queso. Yum!

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