Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15

I am WAY behind on blogging because we have not had internet since we returned home. I'm at a neighbor's house right now, but I hope the problem is fixed at our house soon. I will catch you up to date as soon as I can. I'm penning the stories in Word, so I'll be ready to post whenever the internet is up and running. I did add four stories today (below), so that should keep you busy for a while:)

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lisasmith said...

It would take me forever to get caught up here... I'll be coming back a little at a time. My mom visited many of the spots you did in Zambia. She was in Lusaka and then out in the bush.

Even if I haven't been reading up on ya'll, I have been praying. It seems that life is one extreme adventure for you! I pray God would use you as lights, full of joy lights in a dark world.

When I committed to praying for you, I had no idea I'd need your prayers just as much. God certainly knew and I'm so thankful for you!
Love you, Kat and thank you for your prayers.

love, lisa