Friday, June 4, 2010

Karis’ birthday, May 22

Last night I bought stuff to make lunches so today we could stay at the Falls all day.

Three taxis took all 12 of us to the "zip line" first.



Lauren, and our Kylie went down the zip line
into the gorge.

Karis wanted to, but she was a little nervous, so one of the workers walked us over to the "Flying Fox" and demonstrated it for her in the sitting position. Instead of going down into the gorge, you go out straight across and then get pulled back in.

When the guy demonstrating got back, CALEB said he wanted to go. He was even brave enough to go with the Zambian gentleman AND the gentleman let Caleb go twice while Karis got harnessed up.

Look how far out he was.

Getting ready to go again!

Because Karis wanted to go with someone she knew, I harnessed up, too. I wasn't dying to go, but it WAS her birthday, and I was thrilled to make a memory with her.

When we went out, I jumped off and screamed, "Happy Birthday, Karis!"

Karis said, "Will we fall?" After I assured her, she smiled the rest of the time, and they let us go a second time, too.

Good start to a 6th birthday.

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