Friday, June 4, 2010

Victoria Falls (May 22nd cont)

Next, we got a ride to the Falls.


God is Amazing!

Really incredible!

I was so glad there were so many of us. All my children could hold the hand of at least one adult, sometimes more than one. As a mother, I was very aware of the lack of safety standards at the Falls.

In America, there would have been such a tall, protective wall along the edge of the cliff, Caleb and Karis would not have been able to see over it.

In Zambia, there was…nothing!

That's a cliff drop-off behind us!

There was a small chain here. Thanks Heather, for holding on to Caleb.

Thanks Lauren for taking care of Kylie.

Now you can see the chain and any sort of protection is gone!

We walked on a moss-covered, slippery trial with no handrails or fence. Thankfully, the bridge was protected. Karis and I are the second "couple" in the picture below.

I walked across the bridge the first time with Karis and we giggled and squealed the whole time. It was a lot of fun, especially when a new, heavy drenching would come down on us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Falls, but I was always aware of the hazards.

We had taken our own raincoats, but that didn't keep us from getting drenched. The power generated by those falls is amazing!

I've been to Niagara, but I didn't get nearly as wet (or as close).

The twelve of us (with a taxi driver)

Doug and Caleb in front of Livingstone's statue.

We slipped our way up to several different vantage points and circled our way back around to the top of the Falls. We saw where some dare devils walk out across the top of the Falls when it's dry season. Even if the water was really slow, my brain tells me it's not a good thing to walk across the top of a Falls with a 104m (341 ft) drop.

Remember the slippery, moss-covered rocks?

Some waded in a still pool, and then we headed back across the cold, wet, loud, wonderful bridge.

Cara with Caleb, Karis, and Kylie

Truly amazing!

Truly a natural wonder!

Next, we are headed over to that bridge over there.

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Drew and Lindsay said...

Love the pic of you in all your rain jackets, and Kat I love that I see you in some pics.