Saturday, June 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

I think I won't mind rainy season too much. The rain really cools things off, especially at night. The interesting times come when I'm shopping in town and have to run for cover or I'm riding a piki. Rain hitting you in the face and splashing on your skirt while on a motorcycle is something else. I have a new appreciation for cross-country motorcycle riders in America.

Doug and I have a new language program since we returned from 40/40, and things seem to be looking up. We now do language separately and more frequently than we were able to do before with our previous teacher.

Today, at my language teacher's house, she offered me some termites. I said, "Sure, but let me get my water first out of my bag." When I looked in my water! I forgot it on the table back home. Oh well, I had said, "Yes," so I took one...just one. It really wasn't too bad. It tasted a little like the grasshopper I had in Kampala. She said they were just cooked with salt, but for some reason, just like the grasshopper, it reminded me of a barbecue taste. I'm sure this interests you to no end, huh?

Language is taking up a lot more of my time, and I study a lot more at night now, so I'm only getting on-line ever so often. I'm sorry my posts have been scarce, but maybe now that we are better settled and on a routine, I can work blogging into my schedule.

In my Bible study time last week I read about one of the good kings of Judah who had a temporary lack of good judgment. He always sought out God's advice, except one time when trouble was coming. Instead of asking God for help, he asked...Egypt? I thought to myself, "How ridiculous! God has always come through for you. He's the Creator of all things, and you are going to choose to ask Egypt for help over the God of all gods?" Today, as I was writing in my journal, it hit me (a week late) that I do the SAME thing nearly everyday. Problems and concerns are at my feet every day, all day, and I always try to fix them myself. I hardly ever ask God, unless it's something I consider "big."

How foolish I am.

I hope that starting today, I can change that about myself. I want to be a God-seeker in everything, and train my children that He is the go-to person first and foremost; not themselves or me.

Thank you so much for your emails and letters and words of encouragement. I have been out and making friends and developing relationships and things seem to be so much better since 40/40. We really do appreciate it when you pray for us, and I can see God moving here. Our team experienced a few salvations this week, and that is always encouraging!

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