Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things forgotten

Before I leave the subject matter of Zambia, I looked at some of my pictures and realized I could show you a few things I had forgotten.

What are mornings looked like going out on a Daily Field Assignment in Lusaka (this is us walking to catch a taxi to go into town)

This is Doug and his helper in Lusaka – Joseph. He was 18 and the youngest helper there, but he was pretty incredible!

We were told to eat with our helper in town and try something strange, if we could. All the guys were taken to places where they ordered caterpillars, capenta (small dried fish), and other different fare.

All of the girls were taken to places that served chicken, beef, or fish. The only thing I knew I hadn't had was the FULL fish, so I ventured out.

I will have you know, that besides the caterpillars and capenta (I saw these in a store - they are usually outside with flies all over them),

I ate in Zambia, I have since had two grasshoppers here in Uganda! (And, by the way, they are MUCH better than caterpillars).

In Lusaka, this is the place at the seminary where we had all of ourmeetings and meals. In the windows, if you can see, are green bags tied up. Each family unit had a green bag (or two, in our case) filled with all the bowls, cups, plates, and silverware a family of 5 might need for one meal.

After each meal, we were required to go through a 4-basin dish washing system

And then wave them in the air until they dried and you could put them back in your bag.

I actually dressed up for church on Sunday. This picture is for my mom. Caleb was trying hard not to smile and hurt his injury. He was not allowed to go to church by the nurse for fear he would eat something offered by the church, get sick, and then throw up, pulling apart the glue. This is the day I was served caterpillars and capenta, so it's a good thing he stayed home.

Here are the girls on Sunday morning in Lusaka.

Karis, Kylie, Olivia, and Hannah

This is one of the seed pods off one of the trees at the seminary that Caleb would play with every day and use as a guitar or sword or something. This is what I thought he had fallen on because it was in his hands the last time I saw him that morning. I'm so thankful it was a pen and not this.

And lastly, this is us at a real restaurant in Lusaka, right after we had watched a movie (movie theater posters in the background). I'll try not to take this stuff for granted anymore.

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