Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ending

Karis birthday had been filled with so many amazing things, and we weren't even finished for the day.

We drove 9 km to a village to shop and on the way back to the guesthouse, my family's taxi fan out of gas. The journey girls' taxi waited with us, while the third taxi went for gas.

What we didn't know is that since the third driver wanted to drive to town rather quickly, he dropped the Skuza's and Mullican's in the middle of nowhere near a Baobab tree which you can climb to take pictures.

They had no idea when or if their driver would return or why he was racing to town. He just let them out and drove off.

45 minutes later when the watered-down petrol arrived, we were short a funnel.

No problem.

The journeygirls' driver had a beer bottle under his seat. Break off the bottom and you've got a good-as-new funnel.

Off we go.

At the restaurant, they let me order my kids' food first. The kids ate and were finished before anyone else go their food. Karis put her head down on the table and fell asleep. No birthday dessert, but definitely a good day.

I ate as quickly as I could and then I took a taxi with Lauren and the three kids to get them to be as soon as possible.

Kylie had started being sick on the 19th at Ibis and she wasn't throwing up anymore, but she was still not back to normal. We had started her on Cipro that morning and she was showing improvement, but it had been a long day for her as well.

Later that night, I woke Caleb up to take him to the bathroom. When I laid him back down, he started talking in his sleep.

"Mom, I'm thirsty because the baboon took my sandwich."

I think all three of our kids had a full day of adventure for Karis' 6th birthday.

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