Saturday, June 19, 2010

new packages

A sweet lady and her kids in Mississippi that I don't even know, sent my kids some "happys." Little did she know that Caleb watched Ben 10 on the airplane on the way to Africa, and fell in love with it. He's never seen another episode, but he talks about it all the time. Good choice, Jennifer.

Kelley Adcox acts like she doesn't have a full-time job, husband or children, and she keeps blessing us with boxes. She even remembered Karis' birthday. She sent stickers and books for all the kids (they like books this size they can take to the church service where they don't understand anything that is going on). She also sent spicy seasonings for Doug. He was happy.

Check out the kool-aid mix! I got to put a few of those to use this week.

I went out visiting in a new area and I met a wonderful lady who helped me with my language. I have been back several times to visit her, and on the third time, all the children playing with my children, followed us home. I invited all 13 into the courtyard, and while they played with Kylie, Karis, and Caleb, I went in and made two pitchers of Kool-aid. This happened again the following day, too.

I'm praising God for ministry opportunities with this kids and for the barries that Kool-aid breaks down.

What kid doesn't like a red mustache spread half-way across his face?

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